Roark in West Berkeley revives adventure lifestyle

This weekend, West Berkeley is getting a taste of the rugged outdoors. At Roark Revival on Fourth Street, Berkeley residents will have the opportunity to explore and chase down artifacts of adventure.

Where can you find adventure?

Roark is a quick BART or AC Transit journey away, a bold presence on West Berkeley’s Fourth Street. The new store will be Roark’s flagship retail location.


What adventures will you find?

Roark’s strong menswear collections are rooted in the company’s desire to liberate customers, empowering them to find their authentic, youthful, modern and adventurous selves.

Roark’s products are inspired by real destinations and adventures. Every spring, summer and fall, Roark ambassadors — or “revivalists” — embark on excursions to different locations around the world. Their thrilling encounters with different cultures, climates and activities — including surfing, climbing, hiking, camping and skating — are then memorialized in a brand-new line of Roark merchandise.

What is the Roark experience?

Dubbed “The Explorers Club,” Roark’s Berkeley site mirrors old-school explorers clubs in its experiential tie-in with its revivalists’ seasonal trips. The store will sell surfboards by Channel Islands, Patagonia wetsuits and Electric eyewear, among a host of other brands that have partnered with Roark.

The Roark experience also features literature. The Berkeley location will include an exciting array of books about surf, travel and adventure — and just like the stories behind Roark’s merchandise, the contents of these books are rooted in authenticity. A recent trip to Scotland yielded an exhilarating collection of literature about climbing routes in the highlands.


But this still isn’t the most unique offering that Roark’s new Berkeley-based Explorers Club can boast. No, the store has an actual open bar with beer on tap — an important component of the location’s genuine atmosphere, according to Roark marketing director Mikey Rangel.

“We wanted to provide a comfortable hangout vibe and experience as well, outside of just retail,” Rangel said.

Roark and Berkeley: A match made in the wilderness

Roark has always had a strong presence in Northern California, which offers a striking crossover between mountainous and coastal lifestyles. Berkeley was a natural fit.

The brand is ready to engage with UC Berkeley students, local surf crews and Bay Area adventure-seekers to build a local hub for revivalists. A membership program is set to roll out shortly, and the Berkeley location will see a variety of events, such as outdoor activities, product clinics and photography shows.

So, Berkeley residents, grab your gear and head down to the Club. Grab a beer. Read a book. And take the road less traveled. You might find Roark along the way.

For more information on Roark, the store’s exciting roots and its thrilling products, visit The store will open to the public this weekend.

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